Start Before You’re Ready

This weekend, I was sitting at a coffee shop with a friend who wants to start a wellness coaching business. She was telling me all about this big vision and idea of what she wants to achieve. I’ve known her for a long time and I know how smart and talented she is. I have no doubt that she could run a great business. The problem is…SHE doesn’t know how great she is and her confidence is wavering. I can completely relate. Even after running and growing a successful company and then launching my own, like so many of us,...


12 Lessons Learned in 12 Months of Entrepreneurship

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little over a year ago, I said the fateful phrase that would dramatically change the trajectory of my career and life: “It’s time for me to leave…I want to start my own company.” And so began my entrepreneurial journey from leading one of the most well-known and successful companies in my industry to starting my own start-up baby from the ground floor. And to make the process even more challenging, I was leaving an industry that I’d spent a decade building my reputation, my brand, and most importantly, my qualifications…to start all over in a completely different marketplace to launch...