TNDS 006: Building Your Study Abroad Street Cred

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Hello again and welcome to the 6th installment of The New Dorothy Show! This week from the mind of Brooke, I am offering up some advice for new professionals (and maybe some seasoned ones as well!) in the international education world: you can’t ride the coattails of your passion forever. You have to build some study abroad street cred. 1:05 – When I think about leaving my mark on the study abroad world, it really boils down to this one thing. 2:20 – Passion isn’t the end-all be-all of study abroad. Tune in for three pieces of advice to help you up...


TNDS 005: How to Choose a Grad Program for a Career in International Education

TNDS 005: How to Pick a Grad Program

Probably one of Inside Study Abroad’s most popular posts, and not to mention a hot topic in the international education world, is which grad program is the best for this field of work. This week, I have decided to revisit this topic on The New Dorothy Show and really dig deep to give you some great advice when faced with this decision. So sit down, buckle up and get ready for a lot of great information that will hopefully help you make your decision. Thanks for watching! Stay tuned for the launch of the new grad school e-book, and as always if you have any questions,...


TNDS 004: This One’s For Your Daughters

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Spring time is great for new beginnings, fresh starts, and a check up on your New Year’s Resolution (yikes, forgot about those too, huh?). The past few weeks I have been doing a lot reflection on my own personal resolutions, what kind of role model I want to be, and the types of messages I send out to the world. Join me this week as I talk about my new resolution, why I’m becoming a quitter, and why this episode is all about your daughters. Also, stay tuned for a few updates on the recent happenings in the life of...


TNDS 003: Why You Should Do A Yoga Teacher Training and My Rant About Higher Education (Random)

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Episode 3: Why You Should Do A Yoga Teacher Training and My Rant About Higher Education (Random) Today I am talking about one of the greatest passions in my life: yoga and yoga teacher training. I wanted to address this topic (and shamelessly plug Yoga Travel Tree’s Mexico Teacher Training this May!) because I always get asked the question: why should I do this? How does it benefit me? So join me as I discuss how a crazy idea that started on a porch in Costa Rica has blossomed into a lucrative passion career, and what yoga (or any passion) could do...


TNDS 002: Time Management, Kansas Basketball & Badass Coffee Mugs

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Episode 2: Kansas Basketball and Badass Coffee Mugs In my second installment of The New Dorothy Show, I talk a bit about why exactly I wanted to start my own show and podcast and how I have the time for it. Time is what you make of it! We all have the same 24 hours a day that Beyonce does, so don’t waste a single minute of it. Time management is key! If you haven’t checked out the inaugural video for The New Dorothy Show, please visit, and be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel! Timestamps 2:26 – Circling back...


TNDS 001: Stop Asking for Permission! Take It!

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I am excited to announce the official launch of The New Dorothy Show; a place where I can discuss anything from yoga and study abroad to my Kansas Jayhawks or love for Starbucks coffee. Join me each week for thoughtful discussions, advice, fun, and of course an insider look to a start-up lifestyle. Soon you will be able to find me on iTunes at The New Dorothy Show, and don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel!   Episode 1: Stop Asking for Permission! Take It! Finding yourself stuck in your job search? Can’t seem to fill your classes? It...


Start Before You’re Ready

This weekend, I was sitting at a coffee shop with a friend who wants to start a wellness coaching business. She was telling me all about this big vision and idea of what she wants to achieve. I’ve known her for a long time and I know how smart and talented she is. I have no doubt that she could run a great business. The problem is…SHE doesn’t know how great she is and her confidence is wavering. I can completely relate. Even after running and growing a successful company and then launching my own, like so many of us,...


12 Lessons Learned in 12 Months of Entrepreneurship

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little over a year ago, I said the fateful phrase that would dramatically change the trajectory of my career and life: “It’s time for me to leave…I want to start my own company.” And so began my entrepreneurial journey from leading one of the most well-known and successful companies in my industry to starting my own start-up baby from the ground floor. And to make the process even more challenging, I was leaving an industry that I’d spent a decade building my reputation, my brand, and most importantly, my qualifications…to start all over in a completely different marketplace to launch...